X Cross Brace


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Ah, the crown jewel to our lineup – Our Bespoke Cross Brace. The perfect balance of incredible strength combined with show stopping beauty.

The Venomous Carbon Cross Brace (X-Brace) are full carbon fiber hand laid in the USA.  These are more than just gorgeous – they are literally, insane.

We opted for the strongest fibers available with a 32.8oz Quad-Axial Fiber inner stack buffed in 4 layers total which is then reinforced again by the final 2 layers of 19.8oz Twill backer. In total this is over 50,000 Carbon Fiber Strands per square inch!  Similar stackouts are used in “high tier” AeroSpace applications Each Bolt Eyelet located on the 4 cross arms have a 100% Dense Carbon Fiber Washer built into the stack which is Nylon Reinforced to aide in chassis vibration dampening.  These are industry leading in both quality of finish, dampening and preventing chassis twist under load.

Beyond the internal build style we finish it with a show quality 2:1 High Solids Urethane in a 3 stage approach for a glass like finish that shines for years to come.

Production is made to order – We are timely in production however due to the bespoke nature of each item we offer timelines can take a little additional time.  Due to this we quote a 15 week production but may take longer as needed to ensure a quality item is received.  As always we thank you for your patience!

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 31 × 7 in