Hard Top Convertible Hatch


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Our Hard Top Convertible Hatch is the crown jewel to our offering.  OEM Fitment, inner and outer are FULL CARBON FIBER with our prestigious Urethane Clear Coat process (exterior).  This is no small feat, having a full carbon show worthy aftermarket Hatch fit flawlessly without errors or triggering the a malfunction light is the key.  Our Hatch is OEM fitment, OEM function, OEM mounting and 100% a sight to behold. Not only will this win the attention of everybody at the traffic lights, but at shows it utterly dominates the class.

We have tested this hatch to fully function with all mechanical locking mechanisms with zero modification needed. We are the worlds first and only to have this accolade. Not only that but hitting 160mph (private track) we can ensure it wont rattle or shake at speed.  Its a masterpiece! 

No expense spared for the best fitment, best finish, extreme weight reduction and show worthy finishing right out the box.  No modifications are needed and only basic adjustment (same as OEM) needed to mount.

This hatch is available in over 6 top end Fibers/Kevlar/Hybrids from Honey Comb Carbon, to classic Twill, and even Forged Carbon options.  Need something special?  Email us to quote since “One Off” parts are nothing new to us.

Key Features include:

  • **Classic Twill & Red Camouflage + Forged Carbon shown**
  • Perfect fitment for one of the most complex and largest panels. 
  • Full Carbon Fiber, the lightest and strongest material possible.
  • Ionized Urethane Clear Coat Process, the worlds best process for carbon.  No cheap Gel Coat and no cheap Lacquer finishing.
  • OEM Fitment and OEM Hardware acceptable.
  • Show Quality Finishing (unless RAW is selected)
  • Available in RAW UNFINISHED, ready for primer and color paint! 
  • High Solids UV Inhibiting Resin exclusively
  • The only parts for the Chevrolet C8 that are full carbon and Urethane Clear finished.
  • Guaranteed the best Carbon Fiber you’ve ever seen, PERIOD!
  1. Fitment:
  2. ALL Corvette C8 Stingray Hard Top Convertible!

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