R8 Cross Brace


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A full Carbon Fiber Cross brace that is USA Made using some of the most advanced processes possible to yield an incredibly strong, full carbon, show quality product available in a dozen carbon fiber styles and finishes.

Forged  carbon, 2×2 Audi OEM twill, Anodized carbon, in gloss or matte finishes. 

Every Cross brace is OEM fitment using OEM Mounting hardware and nearly 1/4 inch thick pf pure aerospace grade carbon fiber.

The strength of these units is absurd to ensure proper rigidity to tolerate our Sheepy R8 1700whp test mule.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 7 in
Carbon Type

Black Camo, Black Honeycomb, Blue Camo, Blue Honeycomb, Blue Reflections Twill, Copper Reflections Twill, Forged Carbon, Gold Reflections Twill, Green Reflections Twill, Perfamonte Forged Matte Finish, Plastic, Purple Reflections Twill, Red Camo, Red Honeycomb, Red Reflections Twill, Twill Carbon, Venomous Forged, White Honeycomb, White Reflections Twill